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About Us

We started out as a small family business selling candies in 2009, and have grown to serve thousands of satisfied customers. Today we work out of an office in central New Jersey, and have multiple warehouses across the country.


Enough with the boring stuff! Here are some interesting facts about Milliard Brands:


1) A milliard is an Old English term for “a thousand millions,” and this has been the driving aphorism behind the vision of Milliard™ brand products since 2009. 


2) Many of our products can be found in use in our offices (like speakers, chargers, lumbar cushions, our spices, door mats...) and in our homes (mattresses, toppers, baby gear...), because we also enjoy using top quality products :) 


3) We drink a lot of coffee- how do you think we come up with all these great ideas?!


4) We have lots of mattreses lying around and can sometimes be found sneaking in a nap (we call it product test time) during work hours.


5) We donate a percentage of our products and our time to a local school for special needs children.


6) We are only eight miles from the beach, and you can find us heading there for inspiration or just to de-stress.


7 ) We are a favorite location for delivery trucks, because we tip (generously!) with Milliard candy.


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