Raclette Grill For Two

Raclette Grill For Two

Cheese! No ingredient inspires more meals worldwide than cheese or chocolate. There are literally hundreds of cheeses and hundreds more ways of preparing them, so when Milliard grew bored with macaroni & cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches, we discovered raclette, a social dish from France and Switzerland that involves heating blocks of cheese over an open fire or grill and then scraping it onto bread, meats or vegetables! Since a fire pit would make a mess in your kitchen, Milliard offers the Raclette Grill for Two for simple tabletop dining. Just set up the grill, put some meats and veggies on the grill top, and cheese goes underneath. Little pans called coupelles hold cheese slices under the heated grill so they can melt, and the non-stick coating allows the melted cheese to slide right off and onto your dish. Sound a little like fondue? It is! Raclette is also about relaxed dining, so set up your grill among friends with some hors d’ oeuvres and drinks as a conversation piece, jus



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