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Premium Folding Bed with Memory Foam (75" X 38")

Premium Folding Bed with Memory Foam (75" X 38")

College students, apartment dwellers, and extended families will appreciate how precious space can be where there is little to be had, but the Milliard Premium Folding Bed can provide comfortable sleeping arrangements in a pinch when visitors spend the night. All you need are pillows, a blanket, and our folding bed to have everything you need to make yourself or your guests comfortable. 
Just wheel the guest bed out, unfold it, and you’re ready to go. The metal frame folds out clamshell-style, so setup is easy, and stabilizing legs at each end are double-reinforced to make sure you don’t go bump in the night. The guest bed includes a supple memory foam mattress with poly deck-style support, which means you’ll get a good night’s sleep. When the floor needs to be cleared, the bed easily folds and stows away!
Assembly is simple, requires no additional tools, and even includes brackets to attach a headboard and footboard for a more permanent setup.
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