Milliard Portable Outdoor Pet House

Milliard Portable Outdoor Pet House

If humans can enjoy camping in their backyard, why wouldn’t their pets? The MILLIARD Portable Pet House gives your cat or small dog a warm, sheltered refuge from the elements when they’re not ready to come indoors. Its effortless setup is designed to provide a warm and dry haven for your dog or cat, and its cushion is safe to use outdoors. Just fold up the water-resistant canvas walls, insert the cushion, zipper the roof on and your pet has a new outdoor haven! The cushion features a fitted fleece mat to give your pet a soft and fuzzy padding surface for some added comfort. The house has dual entryways to prevent them from being cornered, and each entryway has a transparent door flap to keep heat in, moisture out, and still allow a clear view outside. Your pet house has been carefully manufactured by MILLIARD with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind and should provide years of satisfaction with proper use.



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