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Foam Donut Cushion Orthopedic Ring Pillow

Foam Donut Cushion Orthopedic Ring Pillow

•3D mesh fabric is breathable for maximum airflow
•Ring shape provides relief by reducing pressure points and discomfort; Helps relieve discomfort associated with coccyx injuries
•Can also help maintain proper posture and provides stability while seated; Ideal for comfortable sitting during pregnancy; Perfect for home, car and office
•Designed to conform perfectly to the contours of your body for maximum comfort and support
•Ventilated mesh cover allows your body to breathe and it therefore does not increase your body temperature
•Includes a durable cover that removes easily for machine washing; Cushion measures 20"x15"


How does the donut cushion work?
The Donut Cushion features an open center to take pressure off the affected body part when you are sitting. It allows your injured coccyx, hemorrhoid or other region of pain to "float" above the seat with little or none of your body weight putting pressure on the area itself.
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