Anti-Burst Peanut Ball - 50x100cm.

Anti-Burst Peanut Ball - 50x100cm.

Nothing is more basic, but more essential in most organized sports than the ball. Anyone aged 2 to 102 can find something creative and competitive to do with a ball from footballs to basketballs to soccer balls to volley balls; and they all have one thing in common: they’re round. …but wait, footballs aren’t round. Well, neither is the MILLIARD Peanut Ball. What good is an odd-shaped ball? A football is oblong for gripping and throwing, and the MILLIARD Peanut Ball is oblong to roll more predictably. Why? The Peanut Ball is the perfect companion for fitness exercises, therapy sessions, or stress relief because it can aid balance and contour your body’s shape. Children will enjoy using the Peanut Ball for therapy or for playtime, because it’s easier to sit on or lay on than a standard round ball. Adults will also appreciate the added balance while leaning on it during yoga, or for elevating their upper body for sit-ups and push-ups. It’s also a great stress reliever for resting and elev



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