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What is Memory Foam?

  1. Originally developed for NASA in the 1960s, memory foam was used for airplane seats because it is highly energy absorbent and also super soft. Shortly after that, the general public began to benefit from this magical material in the form of mattreses, pillows, cushioning in shoes, and even prosthetics.

  2. Memory foam molds to the body and relieves pressure points by creating a custom fit for the user. It then slowly returns back to its original shape after use.

  3. Memory foam is allergy friendly, and unlike a standard mattress which collects dust mites over the years, memory foam's dense construction limits allergen build-up.

  4. Memory foam mattresses are great for sharing because movements on one side of the mattress won't affect the other as much as on a standard spring mattress.

  5. Your memory foam product may come rolled up and can take 48 hours to decompress. Warmer temperatures will aid this process.

  6. Memory foam also has a distinct odor that is completely harmless but may bother those who are extra sensitive. This smell dissipates over time, and the product can be left to air out for 1-2 days to get ride of this smell. 

  7. Other than small babies who should not be using memory foam becasue its softness can increase the risk of SIDS, memory foam is a safe material that has been in use for over 50 years in many different industries and settings.

  8. Pets also benefit from the comfort and pain relief properties of memory foam, and owners who care about their four legged friends invest in the best to keep them happy.

  some of our top memory foam sellers:  

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